Round jewelry box – wood hinge - .120 birch - layered

Round jewelry box – wood hinge - .120 birch - layered


Now that is a work of art. Great job!!!

Now that’s very nice Tom, was wondering why is there a brass screw on the lid…
That web address on the design page goes no where, can you enlighten me of where one could get that pattern/template…Merlin…

Thank You, I just like the look of #6 brass machine screws, I use them any where I can. Using a machine screws aligns things not allowing for slip if glued.

Could you message me that web address, I did not think I had a link showing anywhere.


I’m uploading my files attached to each of my posts, the round jewelry box is the first.

round box large face.dxf (2.5 MB)
round box large face.lbrn (1.4 MB)
round box large face|473x500

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Thanks so much for your contributions Tom!

Thank you, enjoy