Round off error- are there ways to increase digits in gcode

I’m engraving at 45 degrees due to the beam shape of my laser diode being oval in that direction. Typically if I want a 0.1mm line interval (254dpi) I set the line interval to 0.14 and I verify that the gcode does dots every 0.1mm x and 0.1mm y movement. I’m trying a smaller dot size of 0.085mm and set the line interval to 0.12, so now instead of doing dots every 0.085mm x and y it’s sometimes 0.09mm sometimes 0.08mm. The resulting image becomes stretched and hourglass shaped because of accumulation of error ends up being no longer rectangular.

How can I increase the accuracy of the gCode file to 3 digits after the decimal point for mm?

LightBurn tracks the error amounts internally, which is why you’ll see it toggling between 0.08 and 0.09, so if it’s stretching out or coming out irregularly shaped, there might be something else going on.

The GCode is capped at 2 decimals for metric, because 0.01mm is much finer than machines are capable of. By tracking the error term and appending the rounding errors, it means I only have to output two decimals ever, which reduces the transmission bandwidth and increases throughput. Does the image look stretched in the preview, or when run through a GCode plotter?
(like this: )

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