Router-based software similar to Lightburn?

Are we talking post-processor here?

No, not quite. You’ll see soon enough.

Queue suspenseful music.

Can I see earlier if I switch from Beta tester to Alpha tester? :rofl:

I --think-- generic GCode is in the current 1.5 beta. I haven’t played with it yet unfortunately.

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Generic GCode profile is in 1.5 beta 10/18 build. I’ve tried it, logical layout.
I posted a bug report and comments in the beta forum thread.

Link, please. I would be interested in reading the postings. I am not interested in posting anything until I get my hands on a copy.
note that it may be locked and available only to beta testers.

It is…

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Thanks anyhow. :grinning:

Is there any way I can find out if I made the cut for Beta Tester? Was the fact that I only have a Sainsmart 3040 Pro CNC machine a limiting factor? I am aware there was likely a gazillion requests to be considered as Beta Testers.

I don’t know the exact criteria they use to select beta testers. You’re a pretty active user which I believe is one criteria. What they published as to making a request for beta access is that you give some background on your CNC experience. I believe you mentioned having worked in a machine shop, seems like that would carry some weight. I wrote to LightBurn Software, waited over a week, then wrote again thinking they missed it (which they eventually said they did). But I believe the clincher for me was sending a PM to John John and BillieRuben inquiring if the beta had even started, I had access that day.

Thanks for the info! I might try that too. I suspect you got extra points for having a plasma cutter.

We’re categorizing folks based on:

Software packages they are familliar with
Hardware/controllers on hand
Experience level.

No one has been called back for the beta program at this time. We will be involving more users as we get closer to release. Current existing beta users are sufficient for our needs at this time.

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Thanks for the update! Sure you can’t use one more? A previous boss of mine said the more bodies involved, the better the solution.

When it comes to wrangling beta users into actually providing actionable information, this is false.

Signal to noise ratio is real.

Not saying it won’t happen ever, but for the very current moment, we’re just gathering votes of interest. Email us at with your forum username and a link to this thread and I’ll put you in the queue

I understand your point of view. No matter how much semi-relevent feedback you get, somebody has to sort it out. The trick is picking the correct info origins.

Thanks for responding and I will wait impatiently for my turn.

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There will be some basic laser function in MillMage “at some point”. But it won’t be there at first.

The workflow between the two software’s is very different. One being based on layers for operations. And one being based on shapes to allow for multiple operations on one shape. This required a fundamental re-write of many assumptions under the hood.

We intent to include some basic laser function for dual function machines but, again it won’t likely be at launch.

My opinion is that dual function is really a hassle.
CNC - Open view with a vacuum and dust collector.
Laser - In a box with an air exhaust system.
Swapping out the motor and laser was a pain.

Personally, I am glad I bought a dedicated laser machine and restored the CNC back to the milling function. Today’s pickup trucks are dual function; passenger vehicle and load-carrying vehicle. They leave something to be desired in both arenas.

Please don’t turn MillMage into a pickup truck!

Still rooting for a plugin style app. Start Lightburn do your CAD, select your CAM, configure and hit start.