RSS Feed option?

I use Feedbro integrated with Firefox, an RSS feed reader of great value. It’s been working well for the RDWorks forum, to automatically present new posts across the entire forum.

Does the new forum here support RSS feeds? Some forum packages don’t turn on RSS automatically, but will often have the feature hidden away.

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This forum is based on discourse, so if you google around and see if that’s supported, and let me know if it is, I can take a look.

I found a reference earlier for RSS feed for Discourse, but it was so far over my head, I feared a nosebleed if I pursued it. Other links pointed to plug-ins for Wordpress, but does that mean Discourse runs on Wordpress?

" Just add . rss (or .json ) to pretty much any url."

I saw that, and tried it on my computer with no useful results. I think it has to be added on the server side, not the client side.

When a location has an RSS feed, my feed reader icon illuminates (appears) to let me know the web site code contains an available feed.

I sometimes know the right words, but not how to do it! If you want to try something revolutionary, give me admin access to your site. (just kitten)

This is literally an RSS Feed.


This should contain all the new posts as they come in.

I found this in that same thread:

Also note that apps which use RSS will take the URL and scan for those standard RSS HTML <link> tags … so saying “you need to know” isn’t true. Just point the RSS tool at the page and it’ll look for you

Might work for you

My feed reader is integrated with Firefox and does as you describe, chaoticmind. In the case of this forum, it shows no embedded links and displays no option to subscribe.

I’ve manually entered the above provided links, but it’s not behaving as expected. I’m going to give it some time to see if it’s operator misconception (me) or an inappropriate phrased link.

The sites with which I have subscriptions have a unique link for each topic, which I’d guess is automatically created, while this one with the manual link is “all encompassing.”

This URL provided by raykholo, has been working great for new posts. What I’ve discovered is that replies to any post does not show up in the feed, which is what one would expect.

Is there a URL for new comments that is RSS based?