RT-Link doesn't work

Hi. I am at the final stage of assembling my laser machine, and now I can’t handle the RT-Link connector on the controller. I have a LaserPWR HYZ100 power supply and a Ruida RDC6445G controller, both have an RT-Link connector and I connected the wires according to the diagram, but nothing has changed on the controller screen. Maybe someone has coped with this problem and can help me?


I can’t recall having to do anything special. I have the 6445G and an HY power supply and the RT-Link works as expected.

Could you show me how your power supply is connected to the controller and how the RT-Link connector is connected?

The solution was found on the official Cloudray forum, it was only necessary to check the box in the RDWorks settings. :pray:

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Good, I was about to post pics. I don’t remember having to set anything, but it’s been a while. Glad to hear you have it going.