RTL Language support

it took me a whole year since i started using LightBurn and only now and for the first time ever i was trying to design a project which includes my very own mother language Hebrew which is written from right to left. no problem adding text but to edit it? that’s a whole different story. after few minutes i had to quit since nothing was intuitive and editing the text was too hard and messy. I was searching the documentations and in this forum to see if others experiencing the same but failed to find any relevant threads.

Do any of you use A RTL language and are experiencing the same?
It’s like the cursor location inside a word will delete letters in adjacent words in the same sentence and breaking a line never happens where the cursor is. i must be missing a setting somewhere but don’t know what and where.


LightBurn doesn’t currently support this. I have it as a task, but it’s going to take some time - it’s not going to be easy to even test it.

Winter, spring, summer or fall,
You’ve got a guinea pig to call.

@Squid - I’ve got it working - I think. We’ll let you know when there’s a build you can test.