Rubber-band trace speed

Is there a way to change rubber-band trace speed ?
I can square trace just fine, it appears to go at controller jogging speed (100mm’ish), but when tracing rubber-band way my whole machine bounces like crazy on the speed it tries to do it (300+?), trying to turn corners way too hard… ? No idea why.

Went through LB settings - there is nothing specific to tracing ?

Any way to remedy this ?

P.S. Controller is ruida 6442s

In the Move tab. Speed there will alter the speed of Rubber Band trace:

Will it not impact square tracing ? Square is too slow, rubberband seems too fast.
But yeah, i’ll try this a bit later. No wonder i didnt know this setting exists as last i’ve used MOVE tab ages ago :smiley:

Yes, it affects both square trace and rubber band trace. Adjust as needed depending on what you’re doing.

The issue is that the moves sent for framing are not motion planned - they come to a full stop before running the next move, so if your design is curved, each of those little lines gets a full stop, which is why it shudders. It’s unfortunately normal for DSP controllers.

Just an idea - would it be possible to implement that in software then, running user set speed but controller set accelleration settings ? Like a quick trace of all (selected?) objects into rubberband thing thats sent to machine without firing the tube ?

If i absolutely need to do rubber-band i usually select only outline of the object, increase cut speed and run it as i’d run it normally but without a laser firing. Drawback is i cannot do this with multiple objects as it would take too long drawing everything that would fall inside the rubber band.

Do i make sense ?

The only way I can make it not shake is by actually sending it as a job, not just framing commands. I’d have to send it as a file to be run on the laser in order for it to use the acceleration & motion logic in the machine.

I understand.
Then, how about a way/tool to generate a rubber-band object around selected objects so i can run it in my laser ? Maybe incorporate it somehow into “tool” layers ?

I’ve gone back in time and added this for you:


That’ll do the trick. Why back in time ? Was it in at some point ? Why take it out ?

(I’m teasing - it was added in the 0.9.18 release, I believe)

Shows how much attention i pay to updates… mybad… :smiley:

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