Rubber stamps from Corel Draw part 2

Hi guys,

I have finally gotten my cohesion board setup and delivering fairly consistent results.
Thanks to Ralph for his help with importing from Coreldraw.
This worked to a certain degree, but since the image had to be exported as a jpeg, there was a big loss in quality.
What I have started doing now, is designing the stamp in Corel, getting approval, then redoing it in lightburn - the results are excellent and I’m feeling better amount tremendous amount of time it has taken to get to this point.

Now, I wish I could say everything was perfect, but unfortunately, there seem to be random(yet repeatable) artifacts appearing across the text.
These don’t show up in the prevew.
Engraving on different locations on the bed makes no difference. Even flipping the image upside down doesn’t help - the lines appear at the start of the job instead of the end.

What happens, when producing a simple square, drawn in LightBurn, using fill on some scrap? Do you get the same results?

I made a little test block now.
No text - perfect
With text - awful
Watching the machine engrave, the head moves bottom to top, skipping areas as it moves.
Then once it gets to the top, the head jumps all over the place to finish the rest.
This example is the worst I’ve seen so far.

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