Rudia 100 Watt Laser

How can we change the default settings on the controller from mm to inches?

As far as I know the Ruida only works in mm


Depending on exactly which Ruida controller the machine has, the option may be under something like Menu → Screen Ref Set.

On my KT332N:

That option does not appear in the manual and I assume the same is true of all the other Ruida controllers, so poking around on the machine console will be the only way to find it.

That said, IMO changing the machine units is a terrible idea, because exactly nobody you ask for advice will expect the units for a CO₂ machine to be anything other than millimeters. Just look at the chaos with diode lasers where “6000” might mean either, but ranting that units matter got me slapped down hard.

I can’t find that option on mine, 6442g … I’ve looked – mine only has a pull down for screen origin.


Understood, thanks so much for keeping me out of trouble!