Rudia controller help Y axis is not going past 510

Was doing cups on rotary and switched to doing wood but my y axis is stopping at 510
i have tried to turn off and on like 56 times
unplugged in 47 times and left off for like 30 minutes
also have unpludded where the rotary and regular controller thing inside plug in have done that too
I need Help - even you tube isn’t helping me this time

Did you turn off the rotary from Lightburn?


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Leaving the Rotary mode requires a power-cycle (Power on-off) to write the original settings back to the Ruida Controller.

The end-note in the documentation may be the reason the mode hasn’t changed back.

Interesting… I never power mine off when I’m working and swapping the rotary for the table…

I know I"m not supposed to, but I have always hot swapped the rotary/table connections… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Never noticed any abnormal operation afters switching back… I’ll have to pay more attention to what I’m doing…

Next time I drag it out, I’ll see if I can see an issue…

Thanks for bringing this up… I think I missed the notice when I read that link…