Rudia is not responding

I just got my omtech 100w laser about a month ago and have not had a good day with it yet my rudia controller is all white and when i do get a screen it only is responsive for a few seconds at first that didnt bother me but now it is refusing to run projects at all and i cant even tell why

Any ideas?

There are no numbers on the Ruida? Can you post a picture?

I assume you mean the controller screen. That should be working anytime there is power. If it’s not, it is connected via a cable… shake or unplug and re-plug the connectors.

These are pretty dependable, I’d look for anything amiss visually…


Just totally blank sometimes I get a square in the middle of it

That’s some kind of hardware issue from the look of it.

If the ‘wiggling’ of the connectors didn’t fix it, I’d drop a note to OMTech and get them to help you get it working. One of the reasons for buying from them. Be nice…

Don’t drag your feet, do it asap.

Good luck, let us know…


Wiggling it did give me the normal screen but now it freezes after a couple of seconds anymore ideas

Your only option would be to unplug the console (where it was failing) and reseat the connector…

I’d go to OMTech and advise them that wiggling the connector makes the display visible, but fails quickly.

I can’t really fix those issues. I’d want a functioning controller, not a ‘hack’ of one.

Get them to assist in getting it to function correctly. It’s seems clear it’s an intermittent hardware issue.