Ruida 6432G e DIODE laser Neje Problem

On manual of Ruida is not present wiring diagram for connect classic diode laser … is present for RF laser but is sign to connect laser on port +5v from AXIS U and GND e PWN on laser port but is no sense and not work … please help me

I don’t understand how you got here.

I also don’t know what kind of Neje laser you have.

Generally these modules have 3 connections ground, pwm and supply voltage. The supply voltage is usually at 12 or 24 volts.

I don’t think this controller is designed to interface to led type lasers.

Good luck


I have resolve, simple gnd e 12v direct on laser e PWN on PWN pin controller …

Does it work running the laser off the pwm output of the Ruida?

All of my led laser modules (including my neje 30 watt) turn on (lase) when the pwm pulse goes high.

Not so on my co2.

My Ruida (6442g) uses L-On1 to fire the laser. The pwm output appears to be continuous from when you press start until the layer finishes executing. So I’d assume your led laser will run at the layer power percentage the whole time the layer is executing…?

I would have thought it would require some extra logic such as an ‘and’ gate to combine L-On1 and LPWM1 for a suitable signal to drive the led module.

Good luck