Ruida 6442 Firmware issue

Has anyone noticed with the newer lasers with the Ruida 6442 controller that the wind pin seems to go on and off with the tube firing?

I have two lasers with the same exact air assist, the older laser is running the 8.00.67 firmware, this one the air assist turns on at the start of the job and off at the end of the job or when the next layer doesn’t call for air. The newer laser running the 8.00.70 firmware the air goes on and off with the laser firing. In general this wouldn’t be an issue but with a job with a lot of detail, the air kicks on and off like crazy then eventually doesn’t come back on.

I have confirmed this is a controller issue by running a job with a multimeter on the wind pin, it is turning on and off. I’m tempted to downgrade the firmware to 8.00.67.

On my KT332N, there’s a configuration setting (through the console, not LightBurn) to control when the Wind output is active:

  • Blow when cutting
  • Blow when laser
  • Manual

The right one turned out to be Blow when cutting, because Blow when laser chattered exactly as you describe.

I cannot decipher the RDC6442 manual well enough to find the corresponding setting, but it’s surely in there somewhere.

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Your response gave me a good place to start looking, I was able to locate a controller setting called “processing blowing” in RDWorks, this solved the chattering but there’s also a 1 to second delay before the wind pin activates, I missed this before. Are you aware of any settings in your controller that allows a stating delay? Thank you.

In the KT332N, the same panel with the Blow when laser selection also has Open auxi.air delay and Close auxi.air delay:

I set the Open time to 1000 ms and the machine pauses for a second after the assist air valve clicks open. Hooray & similar remarks.

I have no idea what the Smoke settings do, as that word does not appear anywhere in the manual or on the back panel of the controller. Perhaps a pin changes, but you can’t prove it by me.

Unfortanatly the 6442 doesn’t have those options but downgrading the firmware to 8.00.67 did fix it. Thank you for your assistance.