Ruida 6442 & TL410C Topwisdom controller hardware combined 80W Vevor

I will receive tomorrow a new Vevor 80W Laser 70x50. It is kind of weird but there is a combination of a Ruida 6442 Panel combined with a TL410C hardware built into. It was not possible to verify upfront but I found confirmation on the user comments on Vevor UK website. I assume it will work with lightburn but does anyone have experience about that specific setup. I think I will better work on an upgrade with Ruida 6445 control panel and controller that will ship from AliExpress about 320 EUR. Who can give me advice ! Will be highly appreciated … :innocent: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :innocent:

I don’t know, but some versions of the Topwisdom controller are supported… Go to the website and slide down to supported controllers. It suggests to use the trial version and see if it works…

It’s going to come down to if Lightburn supports that controller.

Is it really a 6442 console on a Topwisdom controller? I find that kind of ‘interchangeability’ from different Chinese manufactures unbelievable… There is a ribbon cable connecting them…

I know the 6445 works, many have that …


Hi Jack,

Thanks a lot ! On the Topwisdom page there is only firmwarupdate available for the TL410C and a user manual to download. I am still on vacation in Portugal going home to Vienna tomorrow. In the meantime the Vevor Box has landed in my company and I will have the chance to physically check what’s really in there. :partying_face: The info that a Ruida control panel shall be combined with the TL410C was coming from pictures on the devour website and in addition from user review comments on the vevour uk site. I am already using lightburn on a K40 extended with MG3 board so I rather upgrade to Ruida 6445 in case … Anyway thanks for your advice ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Don’t say that around the airport :crazy_face:

Good luck, sounds like you have a good handle on it.

Post some photo when you get a chance…

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Hello Jack,

Yesterday I opened the wooden box of the VEVOR 80W Laser and transferred it to my workshop and surprise : There is a Ruida 6442S control panel mounted and !!! a Ruida 6442S controller . The electrical built is really up to CE standard and the mechanics and step motors are very accurately moving. Ridiculous red light no dot at all but I am so happy with it . I am using it with a chiller passive C3000. Really a good value for money EUR 2000,- incl transport to Vienna. Funny enough the last info from Vevor email support was :partying_face: vielen Dank für Ihre Schreiben.

Nach dem Feedback der Techniker hat die Maschine ein Ruida 6442 Control Panel mit einem Topwisdom TL410-C installiert, und mit Lightburn kompatibel ist.

So they themselves even don’t what is built into that machine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :upside_down_face: :rofl:

Commonly when you buy this stuff from China, from a vendor, they buy locally and there is no standard. We see that all the time.

I would have been surprised that a Ruida control panel would work on a Topwisdom controller… a few engineers on one side of China, wire something up and luckily come up with something using the exact signals and hardware as another group that’s in competition… unlikely… without collusion.

I have a 5200 chiller, it’s gets ‘hot’ >100 F here in summer. The 3000 series would just be a heater here…

Post some pictures (outside and in) :crazy_face:

Mine came like this…

Now looks like…

Electronics bay. The long ‘tube’ above the motor drivers is a resistor going to the high voltage meter. Below the tube extension are BNC connectors for my scope. Left one comes from L-On1 from the Ruida. This is the ‘laser enable’ so I use for a scope trigger. The other is across the mA meter…

The ‘backside’, left to right… chiller, Ethernet, flow/temperature signal from chiller and compressed air … Above the tube is a flow meter, I monitor the rate in L/M. I depend on the chiller to detect a failure in flow or high temperature in the coolant.

Have a great time… take care

Don’t forget… Post some pictures (outside and in) :crazy_face: