Ruida 6442S Limits while jogging or framing

I have a robocnc 1690 and it has proximity sensors on the x- y- and z- for homing the machine. But when i jog or run a frame that is too big the sensors do not stop it from ramming axis. I was going to add more sensors for x+ y+ and z+ but until I figure out why it isn’t stopping it on the negative of each axis it’s pointless. If I home the machine they sensors stop everything correctly. It’s like they aren’t acting as limit switches. And speeking of, what’s the difference between hard and soft limits.

Hard limits are switches that, when triggered, tell the controller to stop (identical to the homing switches). Soft limits are the controller keeping track of its position, and not allowing itself to go out of bounds. Less bulletproof, but also less damaging to the machine.

For soft limits to work, you have to have the maximum travel distances set properly for each axis in the Machine Settings. If you don’t, the controller won’t prevent you from going out of bounds.

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