Ruida 6445 max speed & scan angle 45deg

When running an image scan at 45deg angle the max speed I can get is 300mm/s (even when set to 500mm/s). 0deg angle I can get 500mm/s. Where is this setting, can it be changed?

Ruida controllers do not support rastering anything other than 0, 90, 180, and 270 optimally in hardware. Other scan angles will work, but are just done using standard cutting moves, and the controller will not be able to process them as quickly.

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Just curious… when you reference "scanning "does that have anything to do with the camera to “scan” the flatbed?

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No, it refers to the laser head going back and forth across the work piece. LightBurn does have a feature for using the camera to trace an image however.

That makes more sense…my mind automatically associated something visual with the word “scan”

Thanx for your reply

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