Ruida 6445 stuck on boot

Hi, yesterday my laser was working fine, today when I started working, after a frame it was unresponsive, so I decided to power it off and turn it on again, but after that it will stay stuck on the above screen, without response to any buttons, the computer detects if I plug in and out the cable, but that’s about it.
Does anyone know what does that screen mean and how to resolve it ?

I have the same controller, but mine has a different console. I’ve never seen that display before.

Does the machine attempt to home when it powers up… do the motors move the head in the proper direction to home?

The 6442 has led that show the status of the limit switches. It also makes it easy to watch the leds for a proper homing sequence.

There isn’t much to go on here, especially since I’ve never seen that icon. Anything you can add would be helpful.

Is that icon described in any documentation you have?


Hi, the machine does nothing, this happens before any attempt to home, the lights on the controller light up and stay like that image
The display is RDC6445gz, and I can’t find anything in manuals regarding this screen, from that image it looks like the controller is trying to communicate with the display, but nothing happens, I checkd the cable and it looks fine, unfortunately I don’t have another one to try.

Ops, now I see it’s a 6445 and not 6442, but they should be similar

It’s pretty overexposed on the LEDs but it looks like L13 (err) is illuminated.

Sound like the Ruida has bought the farm… Sorry…

I’d try a firmware upgrade/replacement. Since you can talk to it, it’s worth a shot, can’t hurt it any worse…


I didn’t think of that, but yeah LED 13,14 and 15 are powered on, will try a firmwire update tomorrow and see what happens.

Good luck

Let us know the fix…


So after driving the whole day to someone who was willing to help on a Sunday , finaly was able to test and conclude that the controller board is mostly dead, the screen and wire are fine. I’ll see next week if ruida has any other official answer.

Thankfully the guy had a spare 6442 and was able get the laser up and running again, since I need to finish stuff for a fair on Wednesday.

Glad it’s up, sad it’s hardware, like a controller. Doubt the firmware change will help, but if it’s destined to be recycled, it doesn’t hurt to attempt to ‘raise it from the dead’.

Didn’t it only require you unplug/plug the connectors to swap controllers?

Good luck

Thanks for the update, take care


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