Ruida 6445G: Move after Homing

Hey Folks!
I finally managed to set my Controller up and get all steppers and endstops to work correctly.
But something is strange and I cannot find a setting for that:
I activated homing for X and Y, when powering up the machine, the X and Y axis move to the endstop and move back accoring to the set offset. But afterward, both axes move back for about 100mm. The Controller is not connected to a software at this time. This happens just after powering up.
What do I have to change to keep the head in the homing position?

Thanks a lot & best regards,
Michael :slight_smile:

Figured it out: in the user Settings, “Return” had to be set to “Docking Point” and the Docking Point to “0,0”. Now it works :slight_smile:

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