Ruida 6445G screen not giving preview

When I send a job from the PC to the Ruida, the panel is still displaying the old job.

The job can be found by pressing “FILE” of course, but this is not very useful to anyone here. We really need it to show up without going into menus, plus that file preview window is too small to be very useful. Is there any way to configure this so the new job goes up on the main screen when sent?

Actually, can we just get rid of job history? All our users send their job and run it. We have no case where we go through the history and pull up an old job on the panel. We redo things all the time of course but you’d just do a fresh job from the PC and not deal with a possibly stale copy of the job in the controller.

It’s also nagging us with the requirement to name the job- no one uses these names- and then deal with the warning that it’s going to overwrite the old file. We’d like that gone, if possible.

You can see it when you run the cut, or you can see it in the software emulation program

I think this is the wrong contact, try Ruida with that question

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