Ruida 6445G "Shot" power

OK, if I make a manual button for test firing on the SHOT pins, what menu is going to control the frequency and duty cycle that comes out? Is it that going to just use the “max power” under the laser’s config and I set it to a small %?

What are those?

What do you mean by these words?

Ruida has a physical controller pin “SHOT” that fires the laser(s) when pulled high. Manual says “Input for manual laser on/off. Low level is to open laser and high level or no-connection is to close laser.”

This is more useful to me than the panel button, because it’s a large machine and I will be physically out of reach of the panel when doing aligment

I use RF lasers. It’s not an analog voltage, it’s digital control, PWM modulation. So for testing alignment, I’m gotta need this turned way down or bad things can happen. If the SHOT pins just make the output a solid 5V while pressed, I may have a problem.

Yes, CN2 pin 4 (shot) for manual operation of the laser. These controls are active low (not active high). The function of this input is the same as the pulse button on the HMI.

Ah ok. You might add a little more info to your profile (machine controller, laser, type, etc). That helps with answering questions. Yeah, for an RF driver, I am completely unfamiliar with frequencies and duty cycles. Sorry. I can tell you that the pulse button on the HMI fires the laser at the max power set on the current layer of the controller. This can be adjusted with the HMI using the max power button and controls.

It’s ok I can support 100% duty, it’s that I would really need to limit that when just firing for alignment.

I’m seeing a problem. The Ruida only allows the Max Power to be dialed down to 20%. Enter less, and it reverts back to 99%. Which you won’t see until you back out and return, or hit Read. This is annoying anyhow to have to enter the password and reconfig, and then set back, just to do an alignment test

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