Ruida 6445g with lightburn further fabrication y1200

Can’t understand the work area top left in y is 0, x is 3500 mm what’s going on

You have provided next to no information, so these are guesses:

If the machine origin is the top right, and the laser has a work area that is 3.5 meters wide, that would make sense.

It could also be that you don’t have the step size set properly for the machine, so it thinks it is traveling farther than it actually is.

On the further fabrication y1200 I believe they rotated the axis making the long axis y or breadth and x the height, having a problem getting my head around this,evidently I have been told lightburn can handle this

No, LightBurn doesn’t support rotated workspace - you would just set the width and height according to what the laser workspace actually is.

Thank you for reply,I will try setting coordinates as normal,but on my machine the x axis is vee rail and y is linear will this effect engraving.

That I could not say with any certainty.

New problem on my ruida6445g still trying set up my control,now only the y arrows work on the control the x or up and down do nothing.If press file and run job from memory,it will run in both axis,any help would be appreciated

Finally getting somewhere, can now home, on absolute coordinates and tell the control to make a square,not running laser just motors. Tried a circle array and machine will not move from home because of slop fault,yet it runs a simple square.

I just finished building a Further Y1200 myself. I set my X and Y up to be “normal”. The gantry is Y and the long axis is X. I then setup the engraving to be 90’ so that it is doing the engraving/fill on the linear rail. I also told Lightburn that the origin is the top left. This works quite well. Fighting another issue, but machine is moving as you would expect.

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