Ruida 644XG Device not found

I’ve had my Orion 80 watt laser and lightburn for a little over a month now, works fantastic! But, I recently decided to move some things around in my shop and since I put everything back together, I keep getting the “Device not found” message in the main window at the bottom of the screen. The devices window shows the Ruida644XG but for some reason doesn’t want to connect with LB. I have replaced the usb cord, tried every port, replaced power cables ect. The controller on the machine works fine, not sure what to look for moving forward.

Have you tried holding the Shift key while clicking the ‘Devices’ button found in the 'Laser window?

Just tried it, no luck. I uninstalled and reinstalled the software but I think the issue might be with the controller. When I unplug the USB at the CPU it makes the alert sound, but it doesn’t when I unplug it at the machine

What OS are you running? Also check the cable from the cabinet to the controller if you have one. Sometimes that cable can become unseated of fail all together. If you have the option, connecting via Ethernet is a better communication solution.

I’m using Win 10. I checked the connection inside the machine and everything is fine. I read a little bit about using ethernet but my eyes went buggy and what brain I have left started cracking…

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