Ruida 644XG Probleme

Hallo zusammen !

Ich habe seit 5 Tagen diesen Laser
Und bin ein bisschen verzweifelt…
Ich möchte eine rundgravur auf Glas Lasern …
Ich erstelle den Job und schicke ihn zum Laser
Der Laser fährt über das Glas ohne es zu gravieren!
-.- hat jemand einen hilfreichen Tipp für mich ? Alles was ich bis jetzt gefunden habe hilft mir nicht weiter Mit freundlichen Grüßen Daniel :yum:

Hello everybody !

I have had this laser for 5 days
And I’m a little desperate …
I would like a circular engraving on glass lasers …
I’ll create the job and send it to the laser
The laser moves over the glass without engraving it!
-.- does someone have a helpful tip for me? Everything I have found so far does not help me. Kind regards Daniel :yum:

One thing I can think of is to make sure your min power is set high enough. You should see a min and max setting in the power set up. You could start by just making them both be the same.

Share your settings and information about the job and we might be able to offer suggestions. Here is a post on How to Ask for Help, that should assist in understanding what is needed to offer you potential solutions. :slight_smile:

that’s my problem maybe someone has an idea :blush:

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