RUIDA and ROTARY issue with firmware RDC-V15.01.22

hi guys, my machine is arrived with a Ruida 6445G(EC), “firmware RDC-V15.01.22”. this firmware foresees to control rotary on the U axis (i can confirm this couse i ve fisically change the driver output on the motherboard). so, Lightburn control rotary parameters on Y axis, but fortunatly they work the same. issue persist becouse i can not use the "test"button, the "frame"button, manual controls and i can not start the job from LB.
i will ad a new driver for the U axis, so I won’t have to attach and detach connectors from the board. all the time.
that’ all i think. I hope I have explained and accept advice.

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Hello, I also want to place an independent controller so that I do not have to disconnect anything for the rotary axis. When you do, you can put images of how to do it?, It would be interesting to update the laser machine.

hi, i didn’t add a new driver yet… maybe i will do it. if you add a new driver is simple i think, plug it in the Uaxis output and plug rotary in the new driver. rotary settings works, but you can see changement only sending job to ruida each time. LB now does not accept the Uaxis but i hope, and i am sure, that LB will fix this new incompatible issue soon.

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