Ruida and Trocen Performance wise and options

Hey guys, I’m working on a upgrade for my k40 laser; I will be building a DIY laser but I’m doubting a bit on what to pick for the controller.

At first I wanted to go GRBL LPC but it seems that there are downsides; especially for fast engraving with high details (correct me If I’m wrong).

I’m searching for a reasonable priced workhorse.

The Trocen is a 32-bit DSP but I cannot find much info about the Ruida; do you know what processor it is using?

Considering I’m playing a bit around; I would love to have a laser that’s blazing fast while possible to engrave without error with at least 500 dpi; graying(controller side) for let’s say > 600mm/s (might not be possible for my laser but would love the possibility. )

I heard Trocen accepts two motors for ‘Y’ but is that also the case for Ruida?

Ruida seems pretty fast PWM frequentie (example: 2k to 50k); or so I think; I cannot find a Trocen equal; any info about that?

I would love to have options for upgrades; like two Y, rotating; auto Z etc. or even two X.

Any advice what to take? I’m looking at the moment at RDC6445 and AWC7813

You can run dual motors on any axis, but you risk adding errors if they are not physically linked. Most of the time you just put a bigger stepper in.

Ruida will do pretty much what you want, I have the 6445G on my 80W and have no problems. If you haven’t seen them, check out Russ’ videos before you start building.

Thanks; he does have a lot of interesting video’s. Dual shaft might be easier considering the movement is always the same. Will also look into that.

Doesn’t have to be dual shaft motors. Mine has a shaft tying the two side together, and one end is driven via gear reduction belt drive on one end.

Alrighty; thanks will think about how I’m going to build it. In the meantime ordered a Ruida 6445G =)

Check Matt’s videos for the basic settings, he did a TW to Ruida swap and posted the video, you can just pause at the screen shots. I also have a back up of my Vendor Settings at the top of my Google Mod Page. It’s for a 500x700 bed, but it’s a place to start.

Either Trocen or Ruida will be more than adequate. Thet both have Ethernet, which is a lot better than USB.

The level of detail on Ruida controllers is immense - their website is a good source for info.

If you’d searched for ‘Ruida wiki’ on google, you would have found this right at the top: Ruida - EduTech Wiki - I find google very useful.

Fast @500dpi is possible with both controllers, assuming you have suitable CNC parts. With a K40 donor - not a chance.

Thanks! always nice to have more places to feed my info needs; thanks, once I’m doubting I will be sure to check it (will look through the video’s also for pre-needed stuff)

That is a good one; I was wondering why it only accepted a ‘usb 2’, ethernet It will be :smiley:

Yes, I might have some trouble there; I was pretty much looking into using less parts. At this points what might be used from the k40 is the mirrors & head, laser tube and power supply; and that’s it.

I was thinking about getting another tube; but they are pretty much all the same for the 100 dollar price point; I guess. As far I can see all psu activated < 1 ms.

It will be using rails; so at least that is a positive based on speed and belts (6mm at this point; once the general system works I will try to modify it to 9mm).

It’s a 600x400 bed; so not too big also as far I’m concerned.

I want to use another mirror set; but well that will require some edits; I guess I could not do too many thing at once. It’s fun ~

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