Ruida bord RDC6442G-B(EC) rotary an U axis

I mentioned several times some time ago whether the axis control for ds rotary (ruida board RDC6442G-B(EC) can be adjusted so that all axes can be controlled separately X axis Y axis Z axis and U axis (rotary) after a lot of writing back and forth in the forum, support, ideas platform, it was said that this was in the planning stages. More than a year has now passed and now I wanted to ask when it will be ready so that you can connect the rotary to the U axis and simply activate the rotary in lightburn and then you can simply use it on the U axis?

Hello, here I enabled rotary for the U axis through RDWorks and the rest through Lighburn, working without problems.

That Ruida won’t support a rotary on the U axes… as far as I know.

This has to do with the firmware in the Ruida, nothing Lightburn can do about it.

I have a 6442g model, I’d love to use it for my rotary. People with 6445 controllers are able to use a rotary on the U axes.

Good luck


What controller do you own?

I’d love to do it on my 6442…


yes, something with the firmware update of the board and changing the uaxis and rdworks was involved in all the writing back and forth but I have no idea how it worked exactly, I just know that it is possible, that’s for sure and lightburn wanted to simplify it as far as I know but so far I haven’t noticed anything about it in the updates

I’ve never seen this working on a 6442g Ruida.

Which Ruida are you doing this with?

If it is a 6442g, can you tell us the firmware version?


Sorry, on the machine I use rotary the controller is 6445, I didn’t pay attention

Thanks for clarifying it’s a different controller…


As far as I know this should work with both controllers

but all of this doesn’t answer the question of when this will all be implemented. I honestly don’t feel like writing all this back and forth again, it’s nerve-wracking

I’ve been searching for a solution for my controller for over three years and have never seen one that was operational with a 6442 model.

These still surprise me.


well then maybe we should work together to get lightburn to implement their promises as obviously many people have the same problem
and not discourage others with such messages that it doesn’t work, that also helps lightburn as it gets better when it is developed further and doesn’t always stay at the level it was at 3 years ago

basically, statements like yours only show how negligent the support of lightburn is

which doesn’t help anyone but only depresses everyone involved

You have totally missed the point…

You expect the Lightburn software to somehow change how the hardware works?

Have a nice day


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I’m not going to repeat the whole back and forth because of you. I can only tell you one thing: just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible.
I hope you have a nice day.