Ruida (Boss LS2436 - older generation) Controller over Ethernet - Cannot Connect

I’m having a heck of a time keeping Lightburn and my Boss laser connected via Ethernet. I’ll get the two connected and working and it will be fine for the day. Then when I come back into the shop the next morning Lightburn and the machine just won’t talk. To get it working again, I have to uninstall Lightburn, restart my computer (Win 10), install Lightburn, delete the old device, close Lightburn, restart Lightburn and re-add the device. Then it all works again…for the day.

Is anyone having any luck keeping their Boss/Ruida connected via Ethernet??

The other thing I notice, is no matter what version I have installed Lightburn is always telling me there is a newer version available. For whatever that is worth. Thanks!

The “newer version available” bug is known and fixed.

Are you connected with a cable, or Wifi?

The steps you’re going through to fix it seem excessive. Try just right-clicking the “Devices” button to re-attempt the connection. Usually if you power your laser first, then launch LightBurn it’ll connect straight away and keep the connection with no issues. If you run more than one copy of LightBurn, only one will talk to the laser reliably - are you running multiple instances of the software?

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Not Boss, but I’m using a Ruida controller over ethernet with 100% reliability.
One thing I have done is to bind the lasers MAC & IP address in my router so the laser always has a guaranteed seat on the bus and no other device can steal it.
My connection is hardwired, not WiFi.

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Laser is connected to the network via patch cable to the hub.
Computer is connected wirelessly to wifi appliance (which is connected to the hub).

I never have a problem seeing the laser IP via the computer (I can ping the laser and it shows up on the map of networked devices).

I only have a single copy of Lightburn (on one machine). However, when I uninstall Lightburn it’s clearly not “fully” un-installed. After the new installation (and computer restart) the software will still see the previously created device. So I’m not 100% sure that aren’t “pieces” of previous versions of Lightburn hanging around (which is why I mentioned the upgrade issue - didn’t know if it was related or not).

Once I have it all installed and connected, it works like a charm. But then after I shut everything down and come back in the next day the software just cannot find/speak to the controller.

The IP for the laser is static and locked, so it won’t be borrowed by another device. However, the computer is using dynamic addressing, so it’s going to refresh it’s IP address every so often. The lease time for DHCP is well over a week, so it won’t get a new IP everyday.

But that is an interesting thought…maybe locking down both machines via IP and Mac address via DHCP could help.

The preferences are stored in a location that’s distinct from the application so installing updates doesn’t wipe them. The application itself comes with all the libraries it uses and fully uninstalls, other than your prefs.

Try the right-click to reset trick the next time it doesn’t connect and see if that helps as well.

Will do. Just to be clear…when I right click on “Devices” I don’t see anything notable in the interface (i.e. - it doesn’t bring up a menu item). The only difference I see is (now that its working) is “Found RDC644XG” appear in the status bar at the bottom of the application.

Is that the correct behavior? Thanks again!

Yup - that’s the only visual indicator. It was originally just a debug tool for me to force a reconnect, but it’s useful.

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So far so good this morning…after letting both sit dark all weekend.
Thanks for all the help!

It’s like when my wife comes and tells me the car won’t start and I walk out and it starts right up.


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