Ruida communications problem

I am having problems communication with my Ruida. I have not been able to figure out how to set up my WIFI properly so I am relying on my USB to transfer files etc. The problem comes in when I want to use my rotary. I was able to get it working once but now when I attempt to install it I get an error that says Settings could not be written to controller. I have changed cables and also reset both the software and the controller. Nothing seems to work.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi Robert, welcome to the forum.

I’d suggest spending a few and getting your wifi connection up, this USB thing is a continuous aggravation.

Does your laser window show ‘Ready’ indicating connected?

Screenshot from 2022-04-03 08-17-14

You can ‘right click’ the device button to attempt a ‘reconnect’.

Whats the problem with the wifi? I ran on a wifi bridge for a number of months. Now use the Pi bridge.

Good luck


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