Ruida controller for a 100w Chinese Red Laser

Is there a way to move the physical location of X 0.0 and Y0.0?
When the machine starts up, it goes to top left of machine and sets off a sensor, then it moves slowly about ½” to right and stops. This location is X 0.0, Y 0.0 on screen. The issue is the physical location is right at the edge grating. Anything I move over that far sits on the lip of the grating and can through off my height.
I would like to move the X 0.0 about another 1/2 “ to the right.

You could move the homing sensor over, if that’s an option.

There’s also a value in the vendor settings for each axis called “Home Offset”. I honestly haven’t played with this, but it might be what you’re looking for.