Ruida Controller Identification?

Hey guys, I’m picking up a second-hand 50w CO2 laser soon and it appears to have a Ruida controller of some time, but I cannot seem to find others with this blue background on the controller panel as shown in the photo. Does anyone know what controller this is exactly and if it is compatible with Lightburn DSP?

I don’t think I would be too concerned on the color. A lot of companies will contract for a controller and put their own face on it. Just look for one with a similar button arrangement. If it’s truly a Ruida, chances are LB will work. I would just wait till you have it and try the LB demo. The control module will likely ID it for you.

It is in fact a Ruida RDLC-320A. I picked up the laser on Friday and though dirty, as you can see in the photo, it appears to have been completely unused! I got it home, cleaned it up, and the tube is running great and the controller connects to Lightburn just fine.

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