Ruida Controller - Max Power factory setting is 30% !?

Hi all,
In the process of re-aligning the mirrors in My generique brand CO2 80W laser cutter for the first time, I discovered that the settings for the power inside the Ruida controller have been set to 30% and 18% respectively for the Max and Min from the factory. ( I had to reduce the Max Power for gentle pulsing ). I am really baffled how low they set the default Maximum power. I am sure there is a logical reason for this. I appreciate your suggestions for keeping or increasing the Max power settings of the Ruida.

If those are the settings shown on the front panel:

Then they (and Speed, set similarly) apply only to manual pulses and cuts, not to programmatic designs sent from LightBurn. The panel will show the current layer settings as the controller processes the file and revert to whatever you set when it’s done.

If those are not the settings you meant, tell us more …

If you run a loaded layer, it will use the values within the controller that are in Edit → Machine settings for the laser minimum and maximum limits. I think they are the last group in the Vendor settings.

The way mine appears to work, while running a layer, is that once you start changing the console values of min, max, speed and power it’s applied to the running layer. So you can change these while the machine is executing a layer…

In other words, as @ednisley questioned, is which min/max are you changing?

Can can set the pulse to a time period or continuous from the console.