Ruida Controller Misses Part of Design / Stops Firing Laser

I can either print a new cradle to make it fit or raise the mirrors to make it fit. Ill also be getting a metal extension cover…safety first and all that!

I do have one but I haven’t wired it up - I was going to wire it up at the same time as installing the PSU but as it came with the digital version, I saw little point.

It would be interesting to know how accurate it is vs. the analogue

From where?

I searched all over and one person suggested I go to the local metal shop… I 3d printed one, but any longer of a tube would have made it impossible.

If you find a place to order these, please drop the link here :wink:

The problem here is that with most of these, you can’t raise the head, so you kind of up the creek… If you raise the whole head assembly then the belt isn’t aligned …

You don’t need accuracy as much as some way to access what’s going on… The problem with digital meters is they have a sample rate… the numbers change so quickly you can’t really tell what’s happening… That’s why most of us have analog meters…

I’ve seen what you have and would like to hear about how well it works… of course if you previously had a analog meter for comparison it would be better.

You’ll have to report on how easy it is to read when you do graphics that vary the output…

Good luck


I will be asking my welder friend to weld one up for me. I know I can buy pre cut pieces of metal (1x disc, 1x square, 1x cylinder) and he will weld it all together. Then I will probably rattle can it to the same colour as the case and make sure its earthed to the case well.

My head is able to be adjusted roughly 20mm vertically so I should be okay.

I will let you know how I get on, the numbers do move around a lot but you can see the highest/lowest numbers it goes to. I have never had one before in the 3 or so years I have had a co2 laser so this is somewhat of an improvement for me. I am more concerned about monitoring cutting to be honest

Sounds like you have it figured out…

Good luck… let us know when you upgrade…

Take care


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