Ruida controller not able to enable homing switch

I’m adding RDC6445G and under settings there are no place to turn on homing switches for axis x,y,z. It’s homing like GRBL laser just crashes into limit switches. When I select ruida it change device To my diode laser. Thanks

“Edit → Machine Settings → Vendor Settings”

Blue is homing mm/s – how fast it will run seeking the ‘limit’ switch at boot/reset

Red the homing enable…


That option isn’t available on screen. I would enable homing switch’s if they were there. That’s the problem is they aren’t. Thanks

I have never heard of that model of Ruida not having those options.

I use mine a lot, but I learn new stuff about them everyday.

I can’ think it would be firmware related. I took a cell photo of mine to remember the version.

Don’t know where else to send you…

Maybe someone from @Lightburn can assist…

Good luck


It sounds like you have some experience with GRBL and diode laser systems. How long ago did you upgrade to the DSP Licence?

You’ll need a current DSP Licence (or a Trial) to communicate with the Ruida controller.

I just upgraded for my new DIY twin head laser that I built. I didn’t open vender file so it was Operator error. Lightburn support pointed that out. It homes now so I can move on to cal. stepper motors. Thanks for take time to answer my questions. I do have diode laser that I have been using for last 8 months. I have a lot to learn about lasers. Thanks again

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