Ruida controller not found after upgrade to Debian 11.7 Lightburn 1.3.01

I’ve used my Ruida based laser on Debian 11.6 for about 1.5 years. Recently Debian updated to 11.7 and now Lightburn can’t find my controller, although it shows up in LSUSB and DMESG and is connected to TTYUSB0. I have the group rights for Dialout.

I attached a Win 10 laptop with Lightburn version 1.4 and it worked perfectly!

This is possibly more a Debian question, but I’m checking all the boxes in the search for answers. Can anybody give me a tip? I don’t understand how the USB device can be there, but can’t be seen by Lightburn.

Thank you in advance!

Did you perform this update in place or as a new install?

Can you provide the output for all these commands and demonstration of group permission assignment?

If you run LightBurn with sudo does the behavior change?

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The upgrade was done in place. When I started the machine it told me there was an update and I said yes.

Screenshot from 2023-07-25 21-20-05

I’m not sure atm how to run the app as sudo, I’ll have to experiment and get back

You can do a much better job of communicating using Ethernet… if it’s possible to get it on the lan or via a wireless bridge it works much better than usb…

Good luck, you’re in good hands…


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