Ruida Controller not listed when manually trying to set up machine

I’m trying to set up a new CO2 laser with a Ruida controller in Lightburn. When I do a find machine, it locates the machine, but will not complete the setup. When I try to manually try to set up the machine, Ruida is not listed as an available controller. I was able to set up on a tablet with a trail version, but can’t get it to work on my laptop with a purchased version.

USB or Ethernet?

usb cable. I have tried to uninstall the usb driver on the port and reinstall the Ruida usb driver, but I must be doing something wrong.

If you do not see Ruida or Trocen-AWC listed in the manual setup process, this indicates you do not have the correct version of LightBurn. To support your Ruida, you need to have the DSP version. Is that what you purchased?

LightBurn comes in 2 versions, one that supports DIY type GCode controllers and another that supports DSP controllers (which includes support for gcode as well).

Originally purchased to run grbl machines. Now need to be able to run both GRBL and Ruida machines. Is there a version that does both?

Yes, that would be the DSP version.

There is an option on our site to upgrade from GCode to DSP.

Follow the process described there and we will get you sorted.

Is that an additional $40 per year for the license? How do I find my current license number? Cant seem to find the original email.

The DSP version cost $80. The upgrade price ($40) is the difference owed from the original $40 you spent for the GCode version.

The License Key was sent to the email you provided when you made your purchase. Search your entire email for “LightBurn license key”, including your spam folder as it can sometimes land there. If you still can’t find, send email to support at lightburnsoftware dot com along with as much info as you can (your name, email address you used, original order number, etc.), anything that you think of to help us find you in our system and we will try to sort this with you.

For future reference, keep your key in a safe place, you will need it when issues like this arise, you decide to move the license to another system or hardware failures/replacement.

Thanks for the help

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