Ruida Controller RDC6445G Mac Drivers

Does anyone know where i can find latest mac drivers for the Ruida RDC6445G controller?
I tried getting them from the website but unfortunately i’m getting 404 on all the mac links… very frustrating.

Ruida controllers / RDWorks are windows machines. You have to use LightBurn to access them from a Mac.

Not following. I have LightBurn installed on my mac and that works great.
Within lightburn’s console it’s showing “waiting for connection…” and nothing happens.

Sounds like an Oz question. I do know that a number of laser machines have what looks like two USB ports on them. One is the computer connection, the other is a U-Disk connection ( thumb drive ). They are not interchangeable. Does your computer react at all if you unplug and re plug the USB cable?

Believe i’ve found the problem. I was NOT using the DSP version of Lightburn. I’d purchased it originally for my 7watt laser… and it doesn’t require DSP.
Found another thread that pointed me in the right direction: Ruida Controller not listed when manually trying to set up machine

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That will do it. Two totally different animals. Enjoy!

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