Ruida Controller RDC6445G

The laser had been running fine all day then the controller just went dark and the laser sat there in the one spot, but it was firing like a pulse intermittingly. CE 100w. All components seem to have power with the exception of the controller.

HI Bob, are you getting any lights on the controller box of the ruida at all? do you still have your 24volts.

Hey Brad, all I have is a red blinking light on the control box, opposite #15

So your #15 Led is blinking? that is your 5 volt led. have you tried cycling the power to the controller. Sound like your 5 volts must have shorted or been pulled down by something else. try unplugging you cO2 laser control line and cycling the power to the ruida. not sure on your setup but you laser supply should have a 5 pin plug you can just pull and if you have to power down machine to cycle power that would work or unplug the gnd/24v plug pin 1 and 2 on ruida. Also after cycling powerand that don’t work, if you have a meter try measuring the 24 volt (dc) pin 1 and 2 and from ground to 5 volt pin 3 on any of your axis or pin 6 on the CN3 or CN4 lines to see if all your voltages are good.

ill try it thank you

checked for 24 volts at the controller connection and was only getting 1 or 2 volts if I was doing it correctly, so I’m assuming power supply i hope.

ya that what it sounds like. If you’re unsure please see attached.

Thank you , let you you know when i receive the new power supply

same issue

I disconnected the plug on cn4 and the panel works now, so I take it my limit switches will not work. Really a rookie at this. thanks

Hi Bob, sound like something is bringing down the 5 volts, are you using Y+ Y- X+ and X- or just one of X and one of Y. also is there anything on pin 1 and pin 6 of CN4. one of your limit switches could be shorted killing the 5 volts. let me know what you have hooked up on CN4. if you are using pins 2,3,4,5 and have wire going to the all, disconnect one at a time to see when the power come back. i doubt it would be 2-5 as those are only signal in but 1 and 6 could do it if you have something on them. not sure if all your limit switches are tied together for ground and power in the same place. Let me know what you find and or send me a picture.

ground disconnected, panel works

Next step would be to separate the two blue wires and connect one back to ground and see which one makes it goes out. Then figure out which limit switch you need to replace. That assuming the blue wire go to a limit switch.

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