Ruida controller repair

Hi to all.
Does anyone know if a Ruida Controller RDC6442S is repairable? Mine just stopped working and refused to power up. I was not able to find anybody selling parts for this item so was forced to purchase a complete new controller, an expensive exercise.
I now have my laser up and running again but would love to have the old controller looked at. There is no evidence of damage on either of the two circuit boards and I was unable to find any protective fuse or resettable CB. Applying 24VDC to the input pins produces nothing, none of the LED’s light up. I understand that a completely dead electronic device is usually easier to fault find than most other problems, a circuit diagram and description of operation would be wonderful but I have been unable to find either.
I am of an age when I remember that most things could be repaired, today it seems that most things can’t, sad really.
Anyway, if anyone could help with information I would be most grateful. I live on the Gold Coast in Australia.

You can use isopropyl alcohol or an inverted air duster can/ freeze spray (to freeze up the board) and see what component heats up first - this can be useful to find shorted SMT components, but it’t sure fire by any means.

I’d love to see a schematic myself… As far as I know there isn’t any released schematics available.

The general failure of these is the outputs fail, but mine lost it’s LWP1 input, so I have it disabled.

Find someone with good basic knowledge about circuits. Might be as simple as a power regulator or much more complex like some shorted multi-legged component.

I’d love to get inside one, but I’m sure down under you have some good technicians that could probably have a good shot at it…

Good luck


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