Ruida controller replacement / upgrade suggestion

Hey everyone, my controller (RDC6445G-MULTI5) with a 5" touch screen panel (portrait orientation). Long story short, my controller has been slowly dying. At this point, I regularly get stuck in boot-loops (it says “system starting” for ever), and turning off the machine and turning it back on many times is the only fix.

I plan on replacing the controller, but before I do a 1:1 swap, I was wondering if there are any things I should consider where another controller could be a drop-in upgrade.


update: looks like I just need to replace my wiring. A few months ago I had reboot issues I solved by cutting the zip-ties (they were too tight), so I figured that the rebooting was due to a broken wire. I guess there are more broken wires causing other issues because when I wiggled the harness, everything booted and I’m good to go for today.

Not a suggestion for a replacement but I’m curious if you’ve tried reflashing the firmware. Perhaps you’re dealing with a corrupt or bad write of the firmware.

However, if you try this, be prepared for a potential write failure and bricking of the controller. Given it’s condition, it’s entirely possible a firmware flash could fail.

Save the current Machine Settings so that you can load them into the replacement and avoid having to reconfigure it from scratch. This probably works only for an exact-same replacement, but is always a Good Idea™.

Worst case, you can read the file with a text editor, puzzle out the machine settings, and tap them into the new controller by hand

Hummm I hadn’t considered that since it had been running fine before, but who knows right? Can’t hurt to reflash!

Yes absolutely. Especially since it’s not a common configuration!