Ruida controller shows up in Lightburn as Grbl?

I’m looking at buying a second laser, and I had a chance to see it in person before purchasing.

When I plug in my laptop with Lightburn, I can see my Rudia controller listed. When I add the new machine, it is found as grbl.
It seems to work well, but it’s being advertised as being Ruida. i thought these were 2 different things…

They are very different things. If you are willing, provide some pictures of the electronics so we can take a look? We should be able to identify the controller with a few clear pictures.

The Ruida644XG is my machine. The GRBL 1.1 is what came up with the controller pictured.

I didn’t even notice the 10mmx10mm size settings there when I tested it.

The meeting was for a demo machine that an importer had. They didn’t clean it off, there was wiring twisted together and covered in packing tape (!), and it was in generally in abused shape. The meeting was a nightmare as well- there was a ‘tech’ to demonstrate the machine for me, and a translator who knew nothing about the machine at all. I got frustrated when they couldn’t get it or their PC started, and asked if I could just plug my laptop in. Luckily, Lightburn found the machine right away and I was able to test it.

I declined on the demo machine, but they’re offering a new machine for a slight discount… but this struck me as a weird red flag. I think I’m going to listen to my gut…

That is the same controller I have in one of my systems, so I do not know why the ‘Find my Laser’ produced that result. I will investegate…

Has never failed me, so you won’t hear an argument from me. :wink:

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If you have a Ruida controller already set up, and you unplugged it and plugged in a second one, LightBurn has no idea that this is a different Ruida controller, so it would’ve just connected to that right away. Find my Laser won’t re-find something you’re already connected to, so I suspect it’s just that.

Ok, sounds like that was the case.
The meeting was so sketchy and uninspiring, I just assumed I stumbled upon counterfeit controllers! :upside_down_face:

If anything, they were impressed on how quickly I was able to connect and get the machine moving after he struggled with loading drivers. I guess I did the demo. lol.

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