Ruida controller

I just dowloaded the free trail and when I try to download a file from Lightburn to my laser I get and error message. Does this mean Lightburn is not compatible with my laser?

What operating system are you running, and which laser controller?

A few details:

  • Which error message are you getting?
  • How do you have the laser connected to your computer?
  • Which connection type did you choose in LightBurn?
  • Which OS are you using?
  • Which model number of controller do you have? (if you know it)

Windows 7 through a parallel program on my Mac

failure, laser may be busy or paused
iOS Sierra 10.12.6
usb ( not the ethernet connection )
Im fairly new at this so I hope I answered well enough for help
Ruida on a 50w

This is something that’s not uncommon with a MacOS, but there is an easy fix. MacOS includes a driver for the serial connection chip used and it can conflict with the driver installed by FTDI (the chip maker).

If you restart the Mac (not just sleep, but actually shut down and restart) and it works, then this will likely help:

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Why are you running the Windows version of Lightburn through Parallels, instead of running the Mac Os naive version?

Just download the Mac version and run that.

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Thanks it was a driver problem

I still wonder why you’re using the windows version on a Mac.

Bo raises a good point - LightBurn has a MacOS native version that works very well, so unless there’s a specific reason you’re using the PC version (like having RDWorks on the same machine, or other PC software you need access to) you’d likely find the Mac version preferable.

I started off with rdworks which wasn’t compatible with Mac. I heard good things about LightBurn and wanted to try it. I’m a beginner, still in the learning curve.

And if you do, running your windows app in a window using VirtualBox is a) better than parallels and b) free