Ruida ethernet loses connection to laser?

The last couple of weeks I noticed that after sending a file to the laser, trying to send the 2nd file I get “the machine is busy” error (it for sure is not) and I get “no device found” too then.
Reconnecting through clicking the device button did not work, but clicking refreshing the filelist did work.
Unplugging the ethernet cable from the laser did work too,
Never had these problems before till recently, sometimes had to click twice to upload a file but not losing the connection all together.
I am the only one who experienced this?

Double check your IP address assignment both on the machine and on your home network. My machine would “share” the same IP address with another device and would connect in a very irregular manner. I solved it by configuring my DHCP to restrict the automatic addressing and assigning the IP address to the machine below that restriction.

The laser has a static ip outside the range the dhcp assigns

If you didn’t have this problem before and you haven’t changed anything on your computer or laser, look at some external network or environmental issue.

I had really flaky ethernet comms on one machine. Changed the laser/chiller/fan to a different power outlet and the problem went away - tracked it down to a dodgy earth.

Most recent issues I’ve encountered are when people connect their machine via wifi. It was an issue with a previous recent version of LB, but an update fixed that.

Ruida networking is primitive. Not much to choose from to make a bad network setting.

IP address, Mask of, some have a gateway option, depending on firmware.

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