Ruida firmware update help

Hello, I am having issues with using the chuck rotary that came with my Chinese laser. The laser has a Ruida 6445s controller and the y axis does not work using lightburn. The current firmware version is RDC-V26.01.13. I have researched and discovered if I upgrade to the RDC-V26.01.16 version that it should correct the issues I’m having with lightburn and the rotary. My question is, will this firmware update change all of the vendor/user factory settings as well?
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

You should backup the Ruida vendor setting to a safe file that you can use to restore the information… Always assume you will loose it and save what you can. I did this the first day I got the Ruida.

You can easily do this via Edit → Machine Settings.

I change a lot of my settings when I use the rotary. So I save my changes in another file… When I want to use the rotary, I load it then write it to the Ruida… When I’m done, I reverse the process. Restores the machine to non rotary settings.

Good luck on the upgrade…


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Thank you very much Jack! I appreciate the help.
Now if I can just get RDworks to find my controller.

Sorry to bug you Jack, But RDworks is not finding the controller/Laser. I have installed the usb driver, checked usb(auto) and I keep getting communication error message. Is it possible to update the firmware through LB?

I’m not a Windows person, I run a Linux variant,… Ubuntu.

You should be able to see the laser in the device manager. Doubt anything would connect if it weren’t visible there in the os…

With the fiber laser on Windows, the EZcad drivers are incompatible with Lightburn… Don’t know if that’s an issue with the Ruida, no experience there…

The best way to connect is to put your Ruida on the local network (lan) and access it via the Ethernet/UDP protocol. These Ethernet drivers are very standard and don’t have the issues with incompatibility like some of the USB… especially drivers by Chinese authors…

Don’t know of anything in Lightburn for a firmware upgrade… probably have to use RDWorks…

Did you find the actual binary to upload?

Good luck