Ruida Firmware Upgrades through Lightburn?

I just got my Ruida 6442 running, but I wonder if there are any firmware upgrades . . . and if so, how can they be downloaded and installed? Is this something which could be done through Lightburn, or would I just have to find a file and execute it through USB?

I think you have to do that through RDWorks. Having said that, are you asking for the sake of asking, or is there some problem you’re trying to solve with a firmware update? They’re relatively rare.

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Just for the sake of asking . . . while I get all the parameters established as I get my laser set up. Trying to get everything ship-shape as I start – and asking more than my fair share of questions as I transition from K40 GCode to red-and-black DSP, making mods, etc.

In RDworks through config, settings you can upload the .upd file

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