Ruida focal distance change

Hey everyone, I have been scouring the net for a way to set my focal offset in my ruida 6554g controller, on the machine itself. I am not hooked directly to my laser because different room and 1 laptop used for everything. I set my files on a flash drive and load them. Can anyone steer me to the right place to do this on the machines controller itself and not through lighburn? Big thanks in advance

For Ruida 6445g I believe this is under User parameters->Other user parameters->Focus Setting. Yours may be similar.

I’d suggest taking a backup or photos of the settings before making any changes in case you need to revert.

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So i went into the machine and here’s what came up for me, this doesn’t make sense, sorry, laser binary not my strongest point haha, i need 2.25 mm closer to the bed but there’s no distance to subtract fr

om it looks like, Unless I’m in the wrong spot??

It seems Ruida controllers prevent moving the nozzle closer to the material after the initial autofocus or homing operation. The intent seems to be that the machine will home on the work surface under the material, with the focus value increasing the distance to the top of the material.

Autofocus on my machine uses a “focus pen” beside the nozzle that contacts the material. If you have a similar setup, you can move the pen down to increase the initial distance or up to decrease it, within reasonable limits.

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I thought about that, but my pen it stationary which is strange. There isn’t a simple way to adjust mine as a set screw through the pen and the limit switch is screwed in a stationary position with no room for adjustment. Weird huh?

Well, then, that platform height is fixed!

The setscrew on mine doesn’t go through the pen, because the cable runs inside the housing.

AFAICT, a thing that ought to be moveable sometimes gets installed with its adjustment jammed up against one limit, because another part elsewhere was completely misaligned. Poke around in there and see if they did something similar to your machine; perhaps you can ease some sense into the adjustments.

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