Ruida jog button directions reversed

Newbie here,so please be gentle! Probably been asked before,but this laser malarkey is all new to me. I bought a second hand 50w Chinese laser.(kh5030) It seems to home ok. It seems happy with the origin in the software etc. Problem is the x and y jog buttons on the Ruida controller seem to be reversed,and as such,the limit switches are at the “wrong” end of travel if you know what I mean. Previous owner mentioned something about removing the rotary axis without powering down the machine. Ideas on how to sort this out would be greatly appreciated.

Now sorted out.

Sorry I missed this before - what was the solution? (My guess is key direction in vendor settings)

Looks like previous owner tried the infamous “Restore factory settings”. Went into vendor settings,read what was in there,and by trial and error got it sorted out that everything moved in the manner it should Then,as luck would have it,found a YouTube video on the subject,that was helpful for the other settings,specifically for the laser itself,that I had no clue as to what they should be.

Ahh - yeah, that’s always fun. “Factory Settings” means Ruida, not the company that made the laser, unfortunately. :slight_smile:

I would think the vendors that purchase from Ruida for inclusion in their systems would have had this come up as a huge support drain. It would be nice if they put some pressure on ruida to have an additional Vendor Reset as this is what people think this “reset” should be doing for them. Then hide the Ruida reset under a few more menus making it harder for uninitiated users to find and screw-up their system. Maybe someday.

vendors that purchase from Ruida for inclusion in their systems would have had this come up as a huge support drain<<

Hahaha… most vendors don’t have that problem because they don’t provide any real support :wink:

Yeah, I guess I had narrowed my thinking to any vendor that does offer support. Laguna, Boss, Thunder, Aeon, and so on. Some of these folks also re-brand these products for say Rockler. Those customers are even less technical so I would think this might come up with these types of vendors. Same would apply for Europe, the laser resellers that offer support there.

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