Ruida Lasers losing power

We have 3 Ruida 500 x 300 lasers in our workshop, all set up for rotary engraving of porcelain bottles. We have noticed that over the last 2 months the power of the lasers has reduced significantly even after we have cleaned the machines (and mirrors) and checked the mirror alignments. Is there a bit of component maintenance that we are missing or is this just the normal degrading of the laser tubes? It seems to have happened very rapidly if that is the case.

What power percentage are you usually running on your tubes?

Not normal. There are some important factors to consider that may be your problem:

-Mirror cleanliness
-Lens cleanliness and clarity
-Overdriven / over powered laser tube
-Inferior Laser PSUs

Who makes your laser tube? Do you have an ammeter? What current do you draw at 50%? What current at 75%? You will need to vector cut to get a reading. If you have a reci laser tube, you need to keep mA at or below 28.

How many hours have you put in these three machines individually?

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