Ruida Machine Needs to be Restarted Each New Job

I am setting up a new Ruida machine and am having an annoying issue. I can send a job to the machine and have it run it, but once it is complete the machine will no longer accept anything from Lightburn. Jog commands are ignored, and attempts to run new jobs gives the ‘transfer failed’ error message. The machine itself shows the old job on its screen even after it is done. Pressing the escape button clears the screen as if it is ready for a new job, but it still won’t accept anything new from Lightburn. I have to restart my machine after every single job for it to work at all. How do I make it so it is that it talks to Lightburn like normal after each job?

Tough call here… I’d say, initially, you have a controller issue…

How are you connected, usb or Ethernet?

Does the Ruida show that it’s completed the job… it will show the elapsed time in the console… if it’s not increasing, it probably thinks it’s done with the job.

How is it wired up on your K40?

Because you can’t control the axes from the console, it would, again, point to the controller.

I’d suggest you start a line of communications with the vendor of the Ruida and see if they have some suggestions…


connected via USB. also, i need to update my profile with my new laser. this is not the frankenstiened k40, but a proper omtech 130W.

Probably got it confused with another thread… sorry about that…

If it’s a new machine, it is probably the controller… there isn’t anything I can think of, configuration wise that would account for this behavior.

Can you run the usb cable directly to the Ruida without going through the jumper from the Ruida to the machines case?

Do you have the ability to connect via Ethernet… the local lan?


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