Ruida output for vacuum

I’m looking for any output that starts when the program starts running and stops when the program is complete. I’m trying to automate my vacuum pump. I have the one working for the compressor but need one more.

On the Ruida controllers the ‘Status’ sink will go active when it is in ‘run’ mode.


And with the new firmware, you can program a delay to let it get up to speed before the job actually starts cutting.

I have the STATUS wired to my main air solenoid for low flow engraving air, and the WIND to the high pressure solenoid. Going to add relays so I can run exhaust and main air solenoid from the STATUS terminal at the same time. It’s rated for 500mA max, but working current should be kept down around 200mA.

Thank you. I’ll look for it.

The solenoid on my air assist draws about 170 mA, but I use this SSR that I have from Amazon to control all the 120v ac stuff. If I remember right it’s about 20 mA, but I’ll have to check it to be sure.

Is this only on the 6445? Where is it?


How would you program a delay? I tried to use the STATUS signal this way but the exhaust needs a few sec to spool up. The only delay I found applied itself before each cut in the job, rather than once before the entire job.

I know for sure it’s on the 6445G, that’s what I have. But it’s only on the last firmware release. There are a few more goodies in the next couple with home / rest positions for the head.

The delay is in the USER tab under OTHER options down at the bottom. It is in ms, so for a 4 sec delay, you set it for 4000ms.

I have the latest firmware for the 6445G ( .30 ) and S ( .16 ) on my Google Page as well as the latest RDWorks ( .59 )

Other setting may be the ‘Blow Type’. Laser on will cycle with the beam, processing will cycle with the layer or job, don’t remember which but it’s what I have mine set for. I want to say it’s with the layer but not positive. All I know is that is doesn’t cycle like a machine gun. I have tested the on delay for the status, but not the off. The on gave me a nice delay to use with my exhaust. It’s a centrifugal, and the STATUS doesn’t shut off until the head hit’s its return point anyway giving me a built in off delay.

I’ve looked for ‘Blow Type’ as I’ve seen it referenced before. Can’t find it anywhere.


RDWorks, User tab, Other options. I believe you have to have .44 or above RDWorks, and .19 or higher in the 6445G firmware for it to be there / function. Not sure what firmware for the other controllers, but it needs to be recent. If you update both to the latest you’re golden.

I loaded it on my wifes windows machine and couldn’t find it. It’s funny that would be in a version then missing in most…

Probably had the wrong RDWorks version. Assume it’s a controller option?


Correct, the delay and blow type are controller firmware options, but it takes at least .44 of RDWorks to read those registers to program them. Same with the U vs Y axis for rotary and a number of other little options / changes.

What controller do you have? And you have to read them from the controller first, then write to save to the controller in RDWorks. I do all my controller option changes through RDWorks.

I have a 6442G-B.


I have two XG firmware files on my Google Page in the 6442 folder. The 00 is for the G and the 01 is for the S if my notes are correct. The only real difference between them according to my notes is the S supports dual heads.

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I read through the posting and was wondering if someone could create a schematic for this topic? I would like to have air assist turn on after California compressor pressure and the laser exhaust fan can | spin up/bill pressure. From what I read the new software can do this. I’m correct?

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If you go to the Cloudray web site and look up the Ultimate Air Assist, you will find a wiring diagram if you scroll down. The override switch E is optional, but nice to have.

In that diagram, the air compressor power is wired to the STATUS terminal, and the actual air assist is wired to the WIND terminal. With the delay option, you would use a dual solenoid wired to the STATUS terminal. One side for the compressor, the other for the exhaust fan.

Remember two things. These Ruida terminals switch the ground, not the positive. The terminals are rated for a max of 500mA, with a constant working current down around 200mA.

Thank you for all your help and the videos. So does people hook up the air pump and exhaust fan to the uxcell BEM-14840DA Solid State Relay?


Thank you for the Photo. I will set the system as described on the forum. Thank you all for you great help.

It’s a matter of two relays, or a DPST relay. A single DPST relay would be better for the controller than two separate relays, less current.