Ruida Power Low

I have a laser that according to lightburn uses the ruida 644xs. I can burn fine using the rd works software. when I use the lightburn software it burns very shallow. I am new at this can someone please tell me if I am doing something wrong. Thanks. I am trying to burn 4mm cast acrylic and cannot even get through the substance regardless of how I attempt to set the machine or lightburn.

Please provide a screen capture (no cell phone pix) showing the ‘Cut Settings Editor’ window for the layer. Double-click the ‘Layer’ to expose this window.

I am a beginner and I hope I sent the correct photo. Thanks for assisting.

I see that you have set ‘Perforation Mode’ ON (green). This creates a series of dashed lines, turning the laser on and off as it travels along the path and is controlled by the ‘Cut’ (the length of each dash) and the ‘Skip’ (the gap between each dash) values entered. If you zoom the ‘Preview’ window (ALT-P), you can see the effect of these settings. Setting this mode can impact the outcome as you are asking the power supply of your laser to turn on and off very quickly as you move and it may be having difficulties keeping up. The way you have it set currently will cause the laser to deposit less energy to your material with this fast switching, and thus your “burns very shallow” results.

Is this the intended output you are looking to achieve? Turn ‘Perforation Mode’ OFF (red) if you are wanting a single line (not dashed) to follow the paths. You will also need to lower the power as well.


Thank you very much for this advise. It is truly appreciated. I will try this.

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